Setting up MSI Wind to Triple Boot – Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

I pretty much followed this guide completely, so if you follow it you should be in pretty good shape. I’ll add notes as I find them myself.

Wireless Card
I really tried hard to use the Realtek provided one, but in the end I broke down and spent $21 (shipped) for a Dell Truemobile 1490. Besides a minor issue that I had fixed, it’s worked perfectly across the system. The Realtek worked fine in windows and that was about it. In linux I could get it working, but I couldn’t get it working with WPA / WPA2. In OS X, with the drivers from Realtek, I was able to connect to everything except WPA Enterprise, which I need for work. Since my network consists of either WPA2 at home or WPA Enterprise at work, it wasn’t going to fly. Trust me, spend the money and upgrade.

    Dell Truemobile 1490 Issue

  • Problem: It wouldn’t connect to a wireless network at all by itself. On the menu bar it wouldn’t show any wireless networks. It did show “AirPort: Not configured”. If I opened the network preferences, I could get it working manually until I rebooted and would have to do it all over again.
  • Solution

Updating MSI Wind to OS X 10.5.6
After the initial install, I ran the “Software Update…” directly and it updated my system. Upon rebooting, I did run into an issue of the screen being the wrong resolution and the mouse / keyboard stopped working. Luckily I had a USB mouse and keyboard laying around to fix the issues. I found a pack of kext’s someone created to fix this issue. After installing those, everything was fixed just fine.

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