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Long over due update

Been a long time since I’ve done a post, so here is a quick update to what’s been going on with me.

I’ve been hired on as an employee at Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions, which I’m very excited about.  I have been a contractor there for a little over a year, so I knew what I was getting into.  Great place to work, with really great people.  I’m a Unix Systems Engineer II.  Basically do a lot of stuff, from installing systems to installing software, to mostly writing a lot of software to connect all these systems with a lot of seperate development projects.

It’s gotten too cold to go out on the jet skis anymore.  Kristin’s jetski (’94 SPX) is pretty much ready to go for winterization.  Just need to run the last of the gas that’s in the lines, run anti-freeze through the cooling system, remove the battery to the garage, put a little oil in each chamber, and spray down the all the metal parts with wd-40 so nothing rusts.  Then I will be taking it up to my parents new place to store in their huge barn for the winter.  Mine (’99 GS) has a little more work that needs to be done to it.  I’m going to be doing the same thing that I’m doing to Kristin’s to mine.  In addition to that, I will be rebuilding the jet pump, which I have all the parts to do.  Once I’m done with mine and it’s been moved to the parents, I’m going to be moving the double trailer into the garage to work on that.  Just needs one (or more) of the boards replaced, some touch up sanding / painting on the bottom side, and the rails to be moved to the correct location for the jet skis.  We’ll be moving the jet ski’s to the double next year.

The double trailer brings on the next update, my car.  We found out that with both jet skis on the double trailer, that the total tongue and gross weight of the trailer was too much for my Class I hitch.  We had to buy a new Class I hitch for my car and install it.  Installation was not too bad since this would be my third time installing a hitch on a car.  Thanks to some help from my father-in-law, we were also able to get the independant tow light converter on my car.  For anybody that is planning on adding a hitch and lights to your vehicle, I highly recommend just getting the tow lights converter on it’s own circuit instead of buying a converter that ties it directly to your lights.  Just remember, if you get one that isn’t on it’s own circuit and you have a short in your trailer somewhere (which always seems to happen at one time or another), you will lose your cars taillights.  Moral of the story, spend a little bit more money (about 20 bucks) and get an independant tow light converter.

Now on to another exciting project, which is where all my time has currently been spent.  Kristin and I headed up to Columbus, OH for the coin-op auction that I found out about a little while ago. We went up with the intention of getting a pinball machine for me. We did bid on a couple and ended up getting the Creature from the Black Lagoon”. Once we got home, we did notice that it had a few issues that we didn’t notice when we got it, but what can you do. I’ve already tore the playfield apart for the most part, cleaned it big time, waxed it, and almost have it entirely put back together.  It’s in a mostly playable condition.  The plunger still needs to be fixed and installed and the multiball ramp doesn’t have the metal ramp to the bowl, so in the rare case that you get the ball up there, it just falls back to the playfield.  Should have it completely working in about a week.  Will always have things to work on it, but atleast it will be playable as I work on it.  I’m also doing a mod on it by installed a LED in each of the pop bumpers that will run off the general illumination circuit.  Decided to do giant LED so that they require less power (less strain on the power system) and because they will stay cooler in the pop bumpers since they will be on all the time.

That’s about all the stuff I’ve done.  Been so busy with everything else, I really haven’t had time to do much cool stuff in regards to computers and programming.  With the new release of Gentoo 2006.1, I’m planning on getting back to installing Gentoo on my Xserve, which will hopefully work out better this time since a number of issues have been fixed. 

Got a ’99 Sea Doo GS

We just got another jet ski.  This one is a ’99 Sea Doo GS.  I took it out all day yesterday and it runs great.  This is not really an addition to our collection but a replacement.  We’re planning on selling the ’90 SP as soon as we can, which will likely be next spring.  We have a part ordered for it that is already 1 month back ordered.

The ’94 is also in non-working condition.  It just needs a little exhaust boot / seal which has been on order for about 3 weeks.  I just ordered it from another company.  It’s a little $15 piece.  From what I hear, it’s the fault of the place I ordered it, Lodders.  The amount of time they said it would take (3 days) and the amount of time is has taken and still not in (3 weeks) is horrible.  This time around I used Beechmont Motor Sports, so hopefully I’ll get it in before the end of the season happens.

James on the 99 Sea Doo GS   James on the 99 Sea Doo GS

’90 Sea Doo SP almost ready and running

Ended up working on the ’90 yesterday (Thursday). I put the new battery in it and it started up. It was pretty rough to get it started and from there it ran really rough. I actually had water hooked up to it and everything.

I had it run for a good 5 minutes at what I felt was idle and then started to rev it up. That’s where the issues started to happen. When it was reved up at higher speeds, it started to backfire through the carborator. My Dad and I decided that it was the rotary valve timing that was off, and needed to be timed correctly.

Now I’ve found two different ways for setting the timing. One way was the shop manual way and the other was found on the forums at The forums guide pointed out not to do it the way the shop manual said. Seeing that I didn’t have a timing degree wheel, which is needed to do it the forums way, I tried to set it correctly according to the shop manual. After setting it the way the shop manual said, it was near impossible to get the jet ski to run. We did manage to get it running once, but it was running super rough and would not idle without dying.

I’m calling around to different jet ski locations today to find out if they have a timing degree wheel for sale. I’m going to try setting the rotary valve timing as the forums says this time.  So far, the two places I’ve talked to said they need to order the part (which I would just do at for cheaper).  I have one more place to try before I just order and wait.

1994 Sea Doo SPX Working

On Monday, we took the SPX out to the Greater Miami River to test to see how it did on the water.  Up to this point, we were only able to verify that it worked by running it out of the water.  From past experience, we knew that because it works out of water does not mean it works in the water.  It ran GREAT.  That little thing has a lot of power (compared to our old Wet Jet).  We ran it for about an hour with no problems at all.  The only issue that we had was that it kept bouncing in the water, even the there were no waves.  This only happened when both of us were on it though.  Side note, the river still makes everything it touches stink horribly.

On the ’90, we changed out the starter on it after we tested the SPX.  From looking at the old starter, it was definitely bad.  Not sure if that was the only thing wrong with the jet ski though.  We didn’t think about charging the batteries before I showed up at my parents, so the battery only had an hour charge on it, which really wasn’t enough to try to get it started.  I’m going to head over Friday after work to work on it a bit more with a fully charged battery.

Another SeaDoo Jet Ski

Earlier this month we got another SeaDoo jet ski.  This time around it is a 1994 SPX.  It actually runs when I bought it too, which is always a great thing.  There were some issues with it though.  The venturi on the back had a few rust holes only the side, so I had to buy a new one.  Luckily, I found one on ebay for only $20, so that worked out good.  I also bought new gaskets / seals for the back for when I change it out.  I will be changing it out today.  Like with the ’90, I’m planning on pulling the oil injector off and using premix gas.  I don’t think I’m going to be doing that anytime soon though.  I just want to get it in the water, which I haven’t done yet.  So busy with other things that it’s currently not a priority.  I think we might try to take it out next weekend to East Fork Lake sometime.

With the ’90 SP, it’s still not up and running.  That’s probably due to it still sitting at my parents without being worked on yet.  I have the new starter, so I’m going to be heading over there sometime to work on it again.


1994 SeaDoo SPi  1994 SeaDoo SPi  1994 SeaDoo SPi


1994 SeaDoo SPi  1994 SeaDoo SPi Engine  1994 SeaDoo SPi Engine

Goodbye Wetjet 432

The end of the Webjet 432 has come.  Last weekend my Dad cut it into pieces and threw it out.  After looking through the internet and talking to a lot of jet ski dealers, it was decided the best thing to do was to get rid of it for good.  I still have the engine (in non working condition) and some other parts laying around.  Contact me if you need parts for one.

After talking to a few repair shops that actually knew what they were, each one recommended not putting any more money into one.  They noted that the costs to repair them are more than buying a used jet ski that actually works.  One thing that was said is that the engines in these are VERY BAD.  Apparently they seize very easily and are so thin that it can seize, cool down, and then actually work for a couple more days.  If you are looking at getting one for cheap, just pass because if you do manage to get it to work it will cost you a lot more than it is worth. 

One Up and One Down

Well, there is good news and then there is also some bad news.  I’ll start with the good news.  The last part I needed for the Sea Doo came into today so I was able to install it.  The Sea Doo is pretty much completely back together with the exception of one hose from the oil tank that I’m not sure where it goes yet.  Farno will be over with his ’89 tomorrow so that I can identify where it goes.  So I did manage to get the Sea Doo to start up twice.  Each time was only for about 5 seconds before I pulled the kill switch because I did not have water hooked up that the time.  By the time I had water hooked up, it did not want to start up again and the battery was dead.

Now for the bad news.  Over the weekend I took the Wetjet up to Caesar’s Creek and it was running pretty good.  While Kristin and I were on it, the engine lost all power and would only run at idle no matter how much gas was given to it.  There is also a new sound coming from the back cylinder.  The engine also feels like it isn’t firing right now either.  I have a bad feeling the engine is about to seize up.  I have been checking the last couple days for places that worked on this kind of jet ski, but I have came up empty handed.  I’m going to try to work on it a bit later to see if anything helps.  If not, it will turn into a large project that will have to be taken care of probably over the winter.

Wetjet Running

Well, the first summer project is complete. After installing the new spark plugs into the wetjet, we were able to get it to run. At first it would only run on the starter fluid until the gas finally made it to the carborator. After that it was running on its own. I had to tune the carborator a bit, but it seems to be running just like it used to. All that it required was tearing the front part of the engine off, tighting all the screws, hoses, and wires, and putting it back together. Before I started, I did find a very helpful book which had the only information on the wetjet. It was "Personal water vehicle service manual : Fazer, Wetbike, Scat Hovercraft, Funjet Boats, Wetjet, Surf-jet, Jet Ski, Yamaha." The best part, the Cincinnati Library had it so I was able to check it out. All that is left is to get the title and registration from my uncle, and get it registered for this year.

For the Sea Doo, I still have a lot of work ahead of me to get that one working. Today started tearing it apart and cleaning it out. A lot of the hoses were bad and need replacing. There has been water / oil / gas / leaves in the bottom of the jet ski for a while that has created a sledge. I spent half the day using every known degreaser and cleaner scrubbing the engine and inside the hull. It actually looks so much better now that even my Dad says he’s not too worried about it now. I also drained the oil tank. I’m planning on removing the oil injection system since I’ve been reading everywhere that the oil injection system of the 90’s tend to go out, and within 5 minutes of the inject system going out, the engine siezes up. Since I already have to do pre-mix with the Wetjet, I’d just prefer to run on a pre-mix with the Sea Doo just to be on the safe side. Tomorrow I’m planning on replacing the hoses and convert it over to a pre-mix system. Hopefully Wednesday I will be able to put it all back together and attempt to start it.

New Jet Ski

Ok, it isn’t brand new. I just bought a 1990 Sea Doo Bombardier. It also came with a trailer and I got it for $695. Engine runs and everything looks fine … except for the paint job. The last owner air brushed it a horrible purple/pink puzzle looking thing. That’s probably the reason that I got it for so cheap. Todo: repaint the jet ski. I’ll post pictures once I pick it up (which will be Sunday).

On the wetjet front, I’ve been working on it and I think I fixed the problem. Found a lose wire in the engine so I have it almost all the way back together and will be testing it tomorrow. Guess I should also install the trailer tail light adapter too for my car.

UPDATE: Added some pictures from the online auction.

Wetjet Jet Ski

Since I’m going to be graduating in less than a week, I’ve decided one of my first projects is to work on my old jet ski. It’s a Wetjet 432 that was made back in 1988. It’s definitely not like the new ones, but everyone who has rode on this over the years loves it.

Two summers ago, I was on the lake with Kristin when it just shut off. The engine still turns over, but we are getting no juice to the spark plugs. We spent a couple days trying to find the problem back then, but never found the problem. Last summer I was working and going to school full time so I never got a chance to work on it. I’m hoping to start working on it next Monday or Tuesday. I have already ordered a new hitch for my car since I sold the Probe last year, which was what I used to tow the jet ski around. For those that know, it’s a Class I that’s made by Hidden Hitch.

1988 Wetjet 432 My Dad on the Wetjet