Upgrading Service Desk on Solaris

There was a Service Desk upgrade that I was involved in this weekend.  My job was to upgrade the Service Desk software on our Solaris servers.  The upgrade was simple enough, but when I went to upgrade the database I ran into issues.  To upgrade the database, you need to run a graphical GUI which requires the ability to forward X11 to the local machine through ssh.  I had checked and made sure my ssh client had that enabled and that Ming was running correctly.  I had to use Ming through windows because when I’m in linux the window doesn’t show up correctly.

When I went to upgrade the database, the program errored with the following message:

 Service Desk Message: Error: Cannot read the dictionary, can not find labels.rep and messages.rep, put this in \repo\locales\1033

I wasn’t able to find anything in google that could explain the issue, so I had to figure out what the cryptic message meant.  I had checked to see if the files were actually there or not and they were.  In the end, I determined that I forgot to make sure that sshd had X11 forwarding enabled.  Turned on X11 forwarding through sshd and the program ran correctly.  So in the end, that message basically meant that it couldn’t forward the X11 traffic to my laptop.

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