Got a ’99 Sea Doo GS

We just got another jet ski.  This one is a ’99 Sea Doo GS.  I took it out all day yesterday and it runs great.  This is not really an addition to our collection but a replacement.  We’re planning on selling the ’90 SP as soon as we can, which will likely be next spring.  We have a part ordered for it that is already 1 month back ordered.

The ’94 is also in non-working condition.  It just needs a little exhaust boot / seal which has been on order for about 3 weeks.  I just ordered it from another company.  It’s a little $15 piece.  From what I hear, it’s the fault of the place I ordered it, Lodders.  The amount of time they said it would take (3 days) and the amount of time is has taken and still not in (3 weeks) is horrible.  This time around I used Beechmont Motor Sports, so hopefully I’ll get it in before the end of the season happens.

James on the 99 Sea Doo GS   James on the 99 Sea Doo GS

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