Eating Mentos and Drinking Coke

We’ve been talking about the Mentos and Coke experiment.  In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, if you add mentos to coke, you get a big eruption from the bottle.  I’m not going into how it happens right now.  We were always curious what would happen if someone drank the coke and then ate the mentos.  Thanks to YouTube, we have the answer.  Check out the video below to see what happens.

Update 6/27/2006:  Sorry, the video was removed from YouTube.  It was a great video though.  I couldn’t find another video of someone eating mentos and coke together.  I’m just going to put up a video of what happens when you add mentos to a bottle of coke though.

  1. Thats freaking awesome

  2. Oh, man, Jamison, DEFINITELY not for moms to see…

  3. Scary

  4. Eating coke and mentos, is actualy very dangerous and can lead to death, eating and drinking mentos and coke ruptures and can creat holes inside of ur stomach, and kill you.

    • This is actually an urban legend and was disproved on the Myth Busters. This is similar to the myth about pop rocks.

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