Gentoo Linux on a Sun Enterprise 250 Sparc

Well, there was a machine at work that was so old and unpatched that it needed to have a new OS installed on it before we could get the required software running correctly.  We contemplated a few different OS’: FreeBSD, Gentoo Linux, Solaris 9, and Solaris 10.  In the end we tried FreeBSD first.  We downloaded the latest stable release, but the system would hang trying to load the kernel.  We then tried Solaris 10. After 20 minutes into the install, we decided we would rather try Gentoo Linux.  This was the first time I’ve really dealt with installing an OS on a sparc machine, let alone linux on it.  It was a very unique feat.  In the end, I was able to get it up and running and stable!!!  I even have a software raid 1 running on all the partitions except for the boot partition.  I’m still trying to get the software raid 1 to work on the boot partition correctly, but have not figured it out yet.

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