Can’t sleep and bored

For some reason I cannot sleep at all tonight.  Nothing major coming up to keep me awake, so not sure what’s going on.  Talk to an old friend Bryan today and hopefully I’ll be able to see him sometime soon.  Been so busy that I haven’t really seen friends lately and I want to change that.  Ever since I’ve been in college, I’ve never really seen my high school friends except for a couple times a year.  That’s another thing that I want to change.  Kind of cool because I found a bunch of them on, so I sent friend requests out. 

Besides that I was reading my friend’s blog (Mike who has cancer).  Really want to keep up with him as much as possible because he can really use friends right now.  I know how bored I get from sitting around for a couple hours, let along for days and months.  Might drop him a line tomorrow since he had another operation yesterday.  Think that’s enough time to heal for a bit.  Been working on the house a lot, and the yard is starting to come together, well resemble something that doesn’t look like a jungle.

Also looked up some information on installing Gentoo Linux on a few servers.  One is my personal server which is a G4 Xserver (PowerPC).  I’ve had Gentoo installed on it before, but now I want to install it with a RAID1.  Haven’t figured it out completely yet, but working on it.  I also have a DL360 at work that I’m trying to install Gentoo on which I keep running into problems with.  Spent a little bit tonight on it so maybe I’ll get lucky with it tomorrow.

Anyways, going to try to get some sleep. 

  1. Looks like the issues I was having with the DL360 where motherboard / raid chip issues. Moved all the hard drives / powresuppy / ram / chips to another machine and everythning worked fine. I know have Gentoo installed on the DL360.

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