Approx Date for MySQL Beta Certification Exam 5.0 Results

I had taken the MySQL Beta Developer 5.0 Certificatino Exam a couple weeks ago.  Since it was a beta, I knew I would get my results for a good 8 – 12 weeks after the beta exams were supposed to end, which at that time was April 15th.  I stopped over at the MySQL website today, to get the information on the JDBC for MySQL.  That’s when I noticed that the beta exams were extended until May 15th.  I guess their website was not finished being updated, because a lot of places on the page still listed it as ending April 15th.

A bit frustrated with the new date, because I did not want to wait an additional 8 – 12 weeks after May 15th, I sent them an email asking when they intended for the results to be sent.  I was hoping that it was still inteded for 8 – 12 weeks after April 15th.  I quickly received an email from Carsten informing me that they will be grading the exams right after May 15th and that he strongly suspects that I will see the results from my certification exam before the end of May.  Woohoo.

Since the certification has been extended another month, I think I might consider taking the first certification exam for the MySQL 5.0 Administrator certification.  Haven’t decided on that though since I also want to get some Java certifications soon. 

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