More Paint and Flooring

At one point, we thought we were done with the living room.  After painting the floor trim, we are not so sure anymore.  I don’t think anybody, including ourselves, really like the ugly brown / orange that the color ended up being.  We’re going to wait a little to see what it looks like with the floor boards, but I don’t think we’re going to paint the dining room floor boards the same color.

We already painted the ceiling and put the first coat on the walls in the dining room.  We’re going to be putting the second coat of paint on the walls today, and then finish the room up by painting all the trim in the room white.  After that, we just need to wire the living room and dining room.  That’s not counting flooring of course.

I stopped at Home Depot two days ago, and passed by some laminate flooring that was what Kristin and I liked on sale.  Was only $.97 / sq foot.  Stopped at home and picked up Kristin so that she could check it out.  We ended up buying enough laminate to cover the living room and dining room floor.  We’re going to have to work on the floors a bit to level them out before we can lay it down though.

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