All Moved In

The moving in is finished and everything has been moved over to the house.  Funny part was that when we moved the couch in the apartment, there was this little circle under it where the cats always laid down.  Anyways, the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen have everything moved into it.  If it is not related to those rooms, then it is currently in the basement waiting for the room to be finished.

We’ve painted the living room ceiling and the walls.  We ended up having to put two coats of paint on the living room walls to get it looking nice.  The walls really do look great now.  I think today Kristin is planning on taping the walls so that I can finish up by painting the trim in the living room.  We’re  not going to do the window trim until the new windows are in.  I also found this really awesome remote switch for the fan.  Currently, the switch for the fan / lights is located inbetween the two windows (which is just hard to get to especially since the TV was going to be there.  The remote goes in a standard box and then there is a second piece that gets connected between the wiring in the fan.  This allows us to put a box in next to the door, with a switch that works, without need to rewire the power to the fan which would be very difficult to do.  I haven’t installed it yet, but am planning on doing it later this week.

For the dining room, George has boxed in the HVAC duct that was next to the fireplace and made it flush with the fireplace.  It now blends in nicely.  He is planning on doing the second coat of joint compound today so that tonight we will be able to primer the walls.  I have already primered the ceiling last night.  While I was taping the chandilier, a wire was loose and disconnected the light.  We ended up just removing the chandilier right now until we’re finished.  Once the room is all painted, we’ll put it (or a different one) back up.

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