Block Windows and Carpet

The block windows were installed yesterday and they really make a huge difference inside and out.  They just look so much nicer from the outside of the house.  The installation of the windows probably took about 6 hours.  The windows look great from the inside also, and you can already tell a temperature change with the windows.  That’s mostly because the old windows were single pain cracked windows where you could feel the draft coming through.

The carpet in the master bedroom was also done yesterday and the color Kristin picked out really goes very well with the room.  We’re both really excited because things are coming along so nicely.  Only thing left in the bedroom is vacuum, screw in the closet bars, and then connect the closet light up in the attic.  Nothing that will take long at all.

I also started working in the basement cleaning it out.  I removed all the wood that was screwed into the walls that were there just to hold coats, tools, etc.  I also cleaned out the little workroom downstairs and tore out the drywall ceiling.  It really needed to be tore out and I need to waterproof the ceiling better.  The workroom is actually under the back porch so you can see where a little water came through in the past.  We’ve decided to make that little room the server / networking room for me.  I’m planning on washing the floor down there today / tomorrow so that when we move all the living room / dining room / office stuff down there, it won’t get too dirty.  We’ll start moving the stuff out of the basement once each room gets done.

Plans for the rest of this week are mostly moving.  We’re going to be spending Friday and Saturday moving out of our apartment and into the house.  The lease is up on the 21st for the apartment, but the power is being shut off on the 20th.  Friday we will be moving mostly bathroom / bedroom stuff into the house and then Saturday will be spent moving everything else.   I think Sunday will be spent painting the ceiling in the living room and working on the workroom downstairs since the server will be ready to be in there.

We’ve taken pictures that we hopefully will be posting this weekend.  The camera cable was packed away and was one of the first thing packed away.  The problem being that it’s the box hardest to get to and we would need to move everything else out of the way.  Just going to grab it when we move.

  1. The kitchen pictures and a few others are on my picture site . Can’t wait to come over and see all the improvements – the house looks great!

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