Moving Along

Well, we’re moving along.  Kristin finished painting the door trim and the doors in the kitchen today.  She just painted them a flat white with no coloring (boooooo).  I just vacuumed a bit in the master bedroom and cleaned everything off the floor since we are having the carpet installed tomorrow.  I also went downstairs and started hanging the telephone and ethernet wires.  I have finished hanging the bedroom phone line and have connected it already.  I ran the ethernet wires next to the heater next to our cubby room.  I have decided if I’m going to drill a hole into the cubby hole and have all the wires meet in that room.  I’m kind of leaning in that direction though.

Tomorrow I took of work so I can be at the house while the carpet is installed and the glass block windows are taken care of.  By the end of tomorrow, the kitchen, garage, and master bedroom will be finished.  We already have moved everything in the apartment kitchen over and need to move the bedroom from the apartment to the house next.  We will probably do that on Friday, possibly Thursday after we get off work. 

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