Kitchen and Master Bedroom Check

Been a while since the last post about the house, mostly because of being so busy.  Kristin and I are really tired from working so much lately, but here is what is going on.

The kitchen is almost finished.  It’s so close that we’ve already moved all the kitchen stuff from the apartment to the house.  The only thing left to do is paint the door frames.  The new dishwasher was installed, the ceiling was primed and painted white, the cabinets were painted white inside and out, and the walls were primed and painted yellow.  Kristin picked the color and loves it, just reminds me of an omelet. The panty has been finished also.  The light in the pantry was installed and works great also.  The new electric outlet for the fridge has been wired up and is working correctly.

The master bedroom is almost finished also.  We’ve finished painting, George installed the extra wood so that we can have a two level closet, and I’ve wired up the cat5, cable, and phone line.  We have carpet coming in on Wednesday.  We’ve also added a light inside the closet, we just need to connect the line up for power which won’t be too much of a problem.

We also looked into getting block windows for the basement windows.  The price was lower than we were expecting, so we decided to get the block windows now.  Each window will have a vent and we went with the Decora pattern.  We are getting the windows through Ace Glass Block.  The glass block windows will be installed on Wednesday also.

My Dad was able to stop over Sunday and he finished installing the garage door.  He actually managed to get it to work perfectly which was amazing considering some of the height and bar problems that we were running into.  It was really great of him to do since he is working 60 hours a week at work.  Today I cleaned out most of the garage, scrubbed down the concrete, and Kristin cars fits in the garage great.  It’s actually in there right now since we car pool to work every day.  I still need to clean out the 1/2 part of the carage so that I can store the Jet Ski in there.

I had also started to rewire the phone lines in the house.  Zoomtown was turned on Friday, but was not working correctly.  I ended up rewiring the phone lines starting outside and then moving on to the inside of the house.  Pulled all the wire except the new wire George ran and the wire going to the kitchen.  I created a setup where the dsl modem will have it’s own line and the rest of the house will be filtered from the basement (so now we do not need a filter on each line in the house). 

The last thing that I can remember that is done so far is that work on the living room has been started.  The ceiling has been primed, my Mom started pulling the screws up on the floor, and George has started putting dry wall up around the sides of the fire place. 

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