Electric Rewiring

Well, there was a very important lesson learned.  Just because an electric wiring system in a house has been approved by an inspector does not mean that the electric wiring system is actually good or alright.  Problems can still exist.

George had mentioned that a lot of the upstairs were on the same circuit yesterday, so I took the task of mapping out every light, switch and electric outlet in the house.  I saved the result in a excel matrix of plugs and circuits.  By looking at that sheet, a few problems should automatically jump out.  Almost all the living room and a few lights in the basement are sitting on circuit #9 which is only 15 amps.  Almost the entire second floor, plug in dining room, front porch lights, kitchen lights, and back porch lights are on circuit #17.  Some other issues here and there where the bathrooms / outside should be on their own GFCI protected circuits, but share the circuit with other rooms around the house.

After looking through this, it looks like for my power needs, there will need to be a bit of work done on the electric system to bring it up to my liking.  Other work on the house has been getting done also, but I’ll talk about that later when I have more time. 

  1. looks like oyu hav ebeen a busy couple! I know the amount of work it takes. But keep on keeping on, and things will get done before you know it.

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