So Long Air-Tite Windows

Today we had an Air-Tite Windows sale associate over our house to do an estimate for replacement windows in our home.  She was very informative and definitely gave us a good view of the differences in their windows.  I will give Air-Tite that they have some very well made windows and designs.  At one point I was actually considering going with spending a bit more for the windows.  Then came the part that really turned me off to the whole deal.  She gave us the estimate that was double what the last estimate we received from another company was and then informed us that if we bought the windows now, we would get a $3,500 discount which would have brought it around $10,000 for all the windows.

What bothered me is the tactic used to try to get us to rush into a purchase.  A decision to make a $10,000 purchase is not something that should made during a one hour consultation with the sales associate.  It really is atleast a full day decision if not longer.  A lot of the time, she talked about Air-Tite being a great product and a very competitive business.  If this was true, then why not give potential customers a little longer to think about such a large purchase without trying to push them into rash decisions.  I feel if a company really stands by their product, then they should not try to force customers into a quick decision by saying they can save $3,500 just by making the decision at the end of the consultation.

The windows might be better or they might not be.  The feeling that I got at the end of the consultation, trying to force a quick decision out of us really made me decide, "So Long Air-Tite Windows". 

  1. I do agree that it is horrible how some companies try to push people into large purchases without giving them enough time to make an informed decision.

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