Pantry, Carpet, Wallpaper, and More

The home remodelling is going and going strong.  We’ve been working on the house Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday so far.  George has just been so great, working on the house each day when we’ve been at work.  I really don’t think Kristin and I will every be able to convey how greatful we are for all the hard work he putting into the house.  My parents and sister also came over on Monday and helped us out with the house which was great.  A special thanks goes out to my Mom, Jeanne Whitt, cause she asked to be mentioned in the blog emoticon.

So now on to what’s been done so far and what is currently being worked on.  I have finally manhandled the last of the old brown carpet and it is now gone from the house along with the pretty nasty padding that was underneath.  The carpet was in every room except the bathrooms and the kitchen.  George and I have started pulling up the carpet nail boards around the edges of the rooms, but most of it is still left to do.  I also still need to pull up the massive amounts of staples that were used to staple down the padding.

On Monday, my Mom and sister worked in the kitchen the entire day pulling off the wallpaper that was around the top half of the kitchen.  The had a fun time emoticon  with that because it ended up being two layers of wallpaper.  Luckily, they did get it all off and looks good.  That was a great help to us.  We need to patch and sand the walls down a bit, then primer and paint.  We probably will be picking a color out for the kitchen tonight.

Now down to the garage door.  My Dad was working on getting the garage door opener installed on Monday.  There are a few issues which is making it more difficult and taking longer to install the garage door.  There is enough room for the most part between the ceiling and the door, but there is a steal beam right in the middle going horizontally which is getting in the way.  My Dad figured out a way which he thinks would work, but be very very close.  The clicker has been installed next to the basement door, but it needs to be wired to the garage door opener.  I don’t think I’m going to install the trip sensor and just use the pressure sensor on the door for determining if there are things in the way.  We also need to run some electricity up to the garage door opener for it to plug into.  Right now there is a light right next to the garage door opener, but I would prefer to keep the ability to turn the light on / off without the garage door opener getting turned off.

George has fixed the kitchen cabinet that was missing a bottom.  Not sure how he did it, but it turned out looking great.  He has also been working on the kitchen pantry.  He finished tearing out the plaster inside it which was cracking and discolored pretty bad.  He’s added a light to the top of the pantry with a switch on the side which will help light up the pantry.  On Tuesday, he had most of the drywall up.

Since George had access to the inside of the wall behind the  fridge, he has added an additional electic outlet for the fridge to be plugged into.  I think he’s planning on running an electric line just for the fridge because he thinks that we might have 4 open breakers available in the electric panel.  There is also a GFCI breaker in the electric panel that currently does not work and also does not have anything connected to it.

Now on to the master bedroom. George had pulled up the carpet nail boards around the walls and knocked out the staples used for the padding.  I pulled down all the Window stuff and Kristin and I started priming the walls / ceiling / closet / doors / trim with Kilz.  We are using Kilz because the person that lived there before used to smoke, and Kilz was recommended by multiple people to take care of smoke stains and also smells.  We finished most of the room, but have the trim and corners left to do tonight.  George was planning on running the phone line, coaxial, and cat5 cable to the bedroom today while Kristin and I were at work.  Kristin and I are going to pick out the colors for the bedroom tonight.  I know the ceiling is going to be white and the inside of closet is going to be white.  We’re debating at the time what we’re going to do with the doors.  We know that the trim is going to be one color and the walls are going to be another.  We’re not sure if we want a 3rd color for the door or if we’re going to paint the door the color of the trim or walls.

My mom and Julie had started putting contact paper on the cabinet shelves and the bottom of the cabinets in the kitchen.  They had washed them before they started, but still ran into the problem where the contact paper was not staying on very well.  Kristin then tried more later that day with the same results.  We’ve decided that we’re just going to primer and paint the inside of the cabinets white.

Finally, the status of the windows.  We are still in the process of having estimates done on putting new vinyl windows in the house.  We have a total of 19 windows!  So far, we’ve had NuVue stop by and do an estimate which was a lot less that Kristin and I were expecting it to cost.  We took our parents recommendation, and are having a couple more estimates done before we make a decision.  We have Ait-Tite, Sears, and AE Door & Windows doing estimates, with the last one being done on Monday.  After the last estimate on Monday, we will make the decision on who we are going to pick to have the windows done. 

We’re planning on adding pictures of the house as we go, but we keep forgetting to bring the camera.  Also would need to grab the cord for the camera.  I think the parents have taken pictures, so I’ll post those as soon as we get them. 

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