Let the Home Improvement Begin

Well, we have the house now.  What’s next on the agenda … Home Improvement.   Kristin and I are still in our apartment until January 1st, so we are spending the time going to the house and doing some major improvements.  I’m planning on documenting what’s going on in this blog, so here it begins.

So far, we’ve only worked on the house one day.  Already, we’ve started getting things done.  We have a lot of gratitude to my father-in-law, George, for already helping us out a lot.  On Saturday, he changed out the old garbage disposal with the new one we bought from Best Buy with gift cards that we had received.

Kristin and Belinda spent Saturday cleaning the fridge after we defrosted it the day before and removing all the contact paper from the cabinets in the kitchen.  We currently don’t have any real good pictures of the kitchen, but there is A LOT of cabinets.  George and I also changed out the plug next to the window in the kitchen to a GFCI plug.

I spent my time removing the plaster that was in bad shape in the pantry.  I’ve gotten about 3/4 of the back wall done, but still over the wall on the left to do along with the rest of the back wall.  I also removed all the carpet and padding that was in the living room.  That part was pretty gross, massive amounts of stains.

Since Monday is a holiday, I’m planning on being at the house the entire day working.  I have Recker and Boerger coming to install the new Dish Washer and I have some estimates being done on windows and siding.  Besides that, I’m planning on finishing removing all the plaster in the pantry and pulling up the rest of the carpet in the house. 

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