Starting My MAME Project

I have decided that it is about time to start my MAME project that I’ve been wanting to do.  This was set off because we are actually one day away from signing for the house we bought.  Finally, room to work on the MAME cabinet and some place to keep it.

In case you read MAME and have no clue what it is, I’ll explain.  MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and is software to run arcade games that you would expect to find at arcades over the many many years.  The website for the software is here.  I will more than likely be running the XMAME port for linux, but I have not decided on that yet.

I’m currently in the mode of finding / modifying / tweaking cabinet plans to make the cabinet.  What I do know is that I only want it to be a 2-player machine at the time.  I have already bought 16 buttons (7-red, 7-white, 1-player, and 2-player).  The buttons are all made by Happ.  I’m thinking of going with Happ Super Joysticks next.  Also researching different ways to interface the controls to the computer.  The computer that I am planning on using is an old Dell 500 Mhz.  I’m planning on pulling everything out and just building the motherboard and everything into the cabinet.  I am also planning on using the 25" TV that we have laying around.  It’s not in the best condition (color issues in a corner) but it’s available.  Already have a tv out video card that we can use for the computer.

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