Phantom of the Opera at the Aronoff

Kristin and I seen the Phantom of the Opera at the Arnoff last night.  The show was very very good.  We both enjoyed it a lot.  We were really impressed that they were able to keep a lot of the same show effects that they had in New York.  Really just a good time.  We were sitting close to the top of the theatre, but we could see just fine non the less.

I do have a minor gripe about a disturbance during the performance.  The problem was a woman that was sitting a row below us being on her cell phone.  She was not talking on the cell phone, but was constantly using the text messaging features.  Since we were in a dark theatre, it had the same effect of someone bringing in a flashlight and showing it around.  Very distracting and very bothersome.  If people really did not want to see it, then why do they come.  You could tell this was a family event, so I think she was being dragged along, even though she was in her 20’s.  It was so bothersome for the people sitting next to her, that they moved down the row to two open seats.

After that disturbance, I realized that there are more benefits to higher priced tickets than just a better view.  As I see it, the higher the price to go to an event, the less of a chance someone will be sitting in the seats due to the higher cost.  Earlier this year I thought that prices were a bit high for people to see theatre, but now I think I understand the price better.  In a perfect world, the price should be cheaper for more people to be able to see it, but in reality this would just create more circumstances of people coming that really don’t want to be there (mostly through families or groups).

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