25,000 Lights Turned Off

As a lot of local newspapers have reported in our area, a pretty spectacular light show that someone put up at their house was recently turned off because of major traffic that it has caused.  He had about 25,000 lights.

The lights would like up (blink) to a song that he was broadcasting on a special FM frequency that could be heard around his house.  It was running every night from 6:00 to 10:00.  You really could not understand how awesome it was without watching it.  I happen to be working at the same company that he is, and he did send out a video of it (which happens to also be on some news sites). I also found another video floating around of a different song that was played.
Wizards of Winter Light Show in Windows Media Format

Jingle All the Way Light Show in Windows Media Format

I think an awesome alternative would be for the Cincinnati Zoo to bring this man in to do the setup at the Festival of Lights.  It would quickly become one of the Zoo’s largest attractions at the time.  As many people could see them, and it would really benefit the zoo.

The show took him about an hour to program each minute of the display.  I’m going to look into more on how he did it so I can post it so others can have fun trying on a smaller scale. 

Here are some of the additional articles about it:

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