House Closing Delayed

Well, it does not look like we are going to be closing on the house on Tuesday anymore.  From what we gather, the seller has not finished  all the paperwork correctly from his end.  He is waiting on his attorney to give him the paperwork that needs to be filled out to transfer the paperwork officially into his name from the estate.  Hopefully we will find out Monday when closing will be.

Update (10/17/2005):
Talked to our realtor today and found out some more information going on with the house.  Apparently an old lady used to live there and left it in a trust when she died.  The person in charge of the trust was ladies lawyer which he then passed away, and the owner is currently one of the sons.  The seller thought the required paperwork was finished, but it ended up not being.  So we have to wait and see how long this will take and decide how long we are willing to wait for him to get this rectified.

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