Home Inspection Report for 7346 Blue Ash Rd

We got  the results of the home inspection done, so I have put the majority of the report up so that friends and family can see what was found with the house.

Acceptable – Functional with no obvious signs of defect.
Not Present – Item not present or not found.
Not Inspected – Item was unable to be inspected for safety reasons or due to lack of power, inaccessible, or disconnected at time of inspection.
Marginal – Improvements are needed or Item is not fully functional and requires further evaluation by appropriate trade.
Needs Improvement – Item needs immediate repair or replacement. It is unable to perform its intended function.

 Lots and Grounds

  1.  Marginal  Walks: Concrete –   The concrete walk in front of the porch has a large gap at steps. The walk also may be a possible trip hazard. The walks can be repaired with a patch. Concrete of this age typically has cracks and some settlement.  
  2.  Acceptable  Steps/Stoops:  Concrete
  3.  Acceptable  Porch: Concrete
  4.  Acceptable  Vegetation: Mulched planting beds
  5.  Marginal  Grading: Moderate slope –   The rear and North side have negative slope & should be corrected with drains or grading to help prevent further water intrusion into basement.  
  6.  Acceptable  Driveway: Concrete front porch. –   Concrete pitted and chipped, common in concrete of this age.  

Exterior Surface and Components

 All Exterior Surface
  1.  Acceptable  Type: Brick & Vinyl Siding
  2.  Acceptable  Trim: Aluminum
  3.  Acceptable  Fascia: Aluminum
  4.  Acceptable  Soffits: Vinyl
  5.  Acceptable  Entry Doors: Metal clad
  6.  Acceptable  Door Bell: Hard wired
  7.  Acceptable  Windows: Vinyl double hung / Fixed
  8.  Acceptable  Window Screens: Vinyl mesh
  9.  Acceptable  Basement Windows: Glass block
  10.  Acceptable  Exterior Lighting: Surface mount
  11.  Marginal  Exterior Electric Outlets: GFI –   Improper wiring for exterior application open ground> ( GFCI does not function )  
  12.  Acceptable  Hose Bibs: Standard Faucet
  13.  Acceptable  Gas Meter: Basement
  14.  Acceptable  Main Gas Valve: Located at gas meter


Porch & 2nd Floor bath Roof Surface
  1.  Method of Inspection: From main roof looking down
  2.  Acceptable  Unable to Inspect: 20%
  3.  Acceptable  Material: Rubber flat roof –   Flat roofs appear to be in good shape. Several seams will soon need to be re-sealed. Recommend having roofer evaluate in the next year or so.  
  4.  Type: Flat
  5.  Approx Age: 8 Years
Main Roof Surface
  6.  Method of Inspection: On roof
  7.  Acceptable  Unable to Inspect: 30%
  8.  Acceptable  Material: Asphalt shingle
  9.  Type: Dormer
  10.  Approx Age: 8 Years
  11.  Acceptable  Flashing: Metal
  12.  Acceptable  Valleys: Preformed metal
Main Chimney
  13.  Acceptable  Chimney: Masonry
  14.  Marginal  Flue/Flue Cap: Clay Flue no cap –   Recommend chimney caps to prevent water & animal intrusion. Cement cap in need of repairs.  
  15.  Acceptable  Chimney Flashing: Metal
  16.  Acceptable  Plumbing Vents: Copper
  17.  Acceptable  Electrical Mast: Surface mount
  18.  Acceptable  Gutters: Aluminum
  19.  Acceptable  Downspouts: Aluminum –   Recommend diverting downspouts away from foundation to prevent water intrusion into basement.  


Attached Garage

  1.  Type of Structure: Attached Car Spaces: 1  
  2.  Acceptable  Garage Doors: Insulated aluminum
  3.  Acceptable  Door Operation: Mechanized
  4.  Acceptable  Door Opener: Gene
  5.  Acceptable  Service Doors: Wood
  6.  Marginal  Walls: Masonry –   Deterioration at surfaces & cracks.  
  7.  Marginal  Ceiling: Paint –   Cracked several locations.  
  8.  Marginal  Floor/Foundation: Concrete –   Cracked with displacement. 40% of the floor was not visible for inspection.  
  9.  Acceptable  Electrical: 120 VAC outlets and lighting circuits
  10.  Not Present  Heating: NOT PRESENT


  1.  Service Size Amps: 100 Volts: 120 / 240 Volt  
  2.  Acceptable  Service: Copper
  3.  Acceptable  110 VAC Branch Circuits: Copper
  4.  Acceptable  220 VAC Branch Circuits: Aluminum
  5.  Not Inspected  Aluminum Wiring:  Present monitor
  6.  Acceptable  Conductor Type: Romex
  7.  Acceptable  Ground: Plumbing and rod in ground.
Basement Electric Panel
  8.  Acceptable  Manufacturer: Homelite –   The main panel is newer, but no inspection sticker present.  
  9.  Max Capacity: 100 Amps
  10.  Acceptable  Main Breaker Size: 100 Amps
  11.  Acceptable  Breakers: CU/AL
  12.  Is the panel bonded?   X   Yes   _   No  


  1.  Acceptable  Structure Type: Masonry
  2.  Marginal  Foundation: Block –   Cracks visible several locations in the basement & garage. Block walls with cracks and poor grading are a major contributor to water intrusion in the basement. The interior doors close and no signs of any major cracks in the interior walls were present. We strongly recommend correcting the grading and fixing the cracks in the basement walls to prevent further damage. If excess water is in or behind the wall, bulging walls and structural problems may occur during freeze thaw cycles and prolong or heavy rains.  
  3.  Acceptable  Beams: Steel I-Beam
  4.  Acceptable  Bearing Walls: Masonry / Frame
  5.  Acceptable  Joists/Trusses: 2×8
  6.  Acceptable  Piers/Posts: Steel posts
  7.  Not Inspected  Floor/Slab: Concrete –   The floor covering was removed but the mastic was still on concrete.  
  8.  Acceptable  Stairs/Handrails: Wood stairs with wood handrails
  9.  Acceptable  Subfloor: Wood tongue & groove


2ND Floor Attic
  1.  Method of Inspection: From the attic access
  2.  Acceptable  Unable to Inspect: 60%
  3.  Acceptable  Roof Framing: 2×6 Rafter
  4.  Acceptable  Sheathing: Wood
  5.  Acceptable  Ventilation: Gable and roof vents
  6.  Acceptable  Insulation: Present
  7.  Acceptable  Moisture Penetration:  Previous water penetration noted –   Moisture damage present. The attic and areas that were inspected were dry at the time of inspection. -Monitor  
  8.  Not Inspected  Bathroom Fan Venting:

   It is not possible to determine for certain if moisture or dampness has entered the basement in the past or will enter the basement in the future during a heavy or prolonged rain.  

Basement Basement
  1.  Acceptable  Unable to Inspect: 40% due to clutter
  2.  Acceptable  Ceiling: Exposed framing / Drop
  3.  Acceptable  Walls: Block / Paneling
  4.  Not Present  Floor Drain: Not Present
  5.  Marginal  Doors: Wood –   The door has moisture damage  
  6.  Acceptable  Windows: Glass Block
  7.  Marginal  Electrical: 120 VAC outlets and lighting circuits –   Several wires exposed & need to be terminated in junction box.  
  8.  Acceptable  HVAC Source: Forced air
  9.  Acceptable  Ventilation: Windows
  10.  Not Present  Insulation: None
  11.  Marginal  Moisture Location: Previous water stains present.

Air Conditioning
   Manufacture recommends yearly service.  

   Rear of home AC System
  1.  Acceptable  A/C System Operation: Appears serviceable
  2.  Acceptable  Condensate Removal: Plastic tubing
  3.  Acceptable  Exterior Unit: Trane
  4.  Model Number: 2TTB0030A1000AA Serial Number: 3073TE85F  
  5.  Area Served: Whole building Approximate Age: New  
  6.  Type: Central A/C Capacity: Not listed  
  7.  Acceptable  Visible Coil: Aluminum
  8.  Acceptable  Refrigerant Lines: Serviceable condition
  9.  Acceptable  Electrical Disconnect: Tumble switch
  10.  Acceptable  Exposed Ductwork: Metal

Heating System
   Manufacture recommends clean and service yearly.  

Basement Heating System
  1.  Acceptable  Heating System Operation: Adequate
  2.  Manufacturer: Trane
  3.  Model Number: TUC100C948BA Serial Number: 4335H577G  
  4.  Type: Forced air Capacity: 100,000 BTUHR  
  5.  Area Served: Whole building Approximate Age: New  
  6.  Fuel Type: Natural gas
  7.  Not Inspected  Heat Exchanger: Enclosed
  8.  Unable to Inspect: 90%
  9.  Marginal  Blower Fan/Filter: Direct drive with disposable filter –   16 X 25 X 1 filter. Filter is extremely dirty  
  10.  Acceptable  Distribution: Metal duct
  11.  Acceptable  Flue Pipe: PVC
  12.  Acceptable  Thermostats: Digital
  13.  Acceptable  Suspected Asbestos: Yes –   In satisfactory condition at the time of inspection  


  1.  Acceptable  Service Line: Copper
  2.  Acceptable  Main Water Shutoff: Basement
  3.  Acceptable  Water Lines: Copper –   The waterlines have several plastic splices that were added. ( Basement & 2nd floor bath ) These should be monitored for any leaks. The main concern is that any electrical grounding will be ineffective with plastic. This may be why several outlets show an open ground.  
  4.  Acceptable  Gas Service Line: Black Iron Gas Piping
  5.  Acceptable  Vent Pipes: Copper
  6.  Marginal  Service Caps: Accessible –   Cast iron clean out cracked & leaking in basement.  
  7.  Marginal  Drain Pipes: Copper / Cast Iron / PVC –   The main drain pipe has a PVC pipe with cast iron clean out installed. The clean out is cracked and the 1-1/2" line disconnected and open at the hub. The PVC drain in the basement is leaking to the first floor tub. Cast iron drain pipes rust and deteriorate from the inside out making it difficult to asses their condition. When these pipes rust through, a hole will develop as a small pin hole and in many cases the rust will temporarily seal itself. The hole will eventually become large enough to allow water to run from the opening in the pipe, this process can take as long as three to four years from the time the pin hole develops to the time water flows from the pipe.  
   Basement Water Heater
  8.  Not Inspected  Water Heater Operation: Water heater was not working at Time of inspection. ( Turned Off )
  9.  Manufacturer: GE
  10.  Model Number: GG50TO6AVG00 Serial Number: GELN0804A20840  
  11.  Type: Natural gas Capacity: 50 Gal.  
  12.  Approximate Age: New Area Served: Whole building  
  13.  Acceptable  Flue Pipe: Metal
  14.  Acceptable  TPRV and Drain Tube: PVC


1st Floor Bathroom
  1.  Acceptable  Ceiling: Paint  
  2.  Acceptable  Walls: Paint / Tile
  3.  Acceptable  Floor: Vinyl floor covering
  4.  Marginal  Doors: Wood –   Door needs to be replaced.  
  5.  Acceptable  Electrical: Recommend GFI @ sink
  6.  Acceptable  Sink/Basin: Porcelain coated
  7.  Acceptable  Faucets/Traps: Metal trap
  8.  Acceptable  Tub/Surround: Porcelain tub and ceramic tile surround
  9.  Acceptable  Toilets: Elongated Bowl
  10.  Not Present  Ventilation: No ventilation

2nd Floor Bathroom
  11.  Acceptable  Ceiling: Paint  
  12.  Acceptable  Walls: Paint / Tile
  13.  Acceptable  Floor: Vinyl floor covering
  14.  Acceptable  Doors: Wood
  15.  Marginal  Electrical: GFCI receptacles –   Open or missing ground  
  16.  Marginal  Sink/Basin: Porcelain coated –   The sink is loose  
  17.  Acceptable  Faucets/Traps: PVC Trap
  18.  Acceptable  Tub/Surround: Porcelain tub and ceramic tile surround
  19.  Acceptable  Toilets: Elongated Bowl
  20.  Marginal  Ventilation: Electric ventilation fan –   The exhaust fan does not appear to be venting outside.  


1st Floor Kitchen
  1.  Acceptable  Sink: SS Dual
  2.  Marginal  Electrical: GFCI –   Open or missing ground GFCI left of sink.  
  3.  Acceptable  Plumbing/Fixtures: PVC Trap
  4.  Acceptable  Counter Tops: Laminate
  5.  Acceptable  Cabinets: Wood
  6.  Acceptable  Ceiling: Paint  
  7.  Acceptable  Walls: Paint
  8.  Acceptable  Floor: Vinyl floor covering
  9.  Acceptable  Doors: Wood
  10.  Acceptable  HVAC Source: Forced air

Interior Rooms

Living Room Living Space
  1.  Acceptable  Ceiling: Paint  
  2.  Acceptable  Walls: Paint
  3.  Acceptable  Floor: Carpet
  4.  Acceptable  Doors: Wood
  5.  Acceptable  Windows: Vinyl Double Hung / Fixed
  6.  Acceptable  Electrical: 120 VAC outlets and lighting circuits
  7.  Acceptable  HVAC Source: Forced air
Dining Room Living Space
  8.  Acceptable  Ceiling: Paint  
  9.  Acceptable  Walls: Paint
  10.  Acceptable  Floor: Wood
  11.  Acceptable  Windows: Vinyl Double Hung / Fixed
  12.  Acceptable  Electrical: 120 VAC outlets and lighting circuits
  13.  Acceptable  HVAC Source: Forced air

Laundry Area

Basement Laundry Room/Area
  1.  Acceptable  Laundry Tub: Concrete
  2.  Marginal  Laundry Tub Drain: Galvanized –   Slow drain  
  3.  Acceptable  Washer Hose Bib: Standard Faucet
  4.  Acceptable  Washer and Dryer Electrical: 120-240 VAC
  5.  Acceptable  Dryer Vent: Metal flex
  6.  Acceptable  Washer Drain: Drains to laundry tub
  7.  Not Present  Floor Drain: Not Present

Final Comments
   The HVAC- Hot Water heater Windows -Doors- Roof all are newer or in good condition. The foundation cracks & water damage & stains in the basement are the main concerns. We recommend prior to close that an indoor air quality test be performed for the entire house. This recommendation is based on the water damage & smell of the basement. The main plumbing DWV lines are also in need of repair. The majority of the plumbing is concealed and not visible for inspection.

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