Goodbye Wetjet 432

The end of the Webjet 432 has come.  Last weekend my Dad cut it into pieces and threw it out.  After looking through the internet and talking to a lot of jet ski dealers, it was decided the best thing to do was to get rid of it for good.  I still have the engine (in non working condition) and some other parts laying around.  Contact me if you need parts for one.

After talking to a few repair shops that actually knew what they were, each one recommended not putting any more money into one.  They noted that the costs to repair them are more than buying a used jet ski that actually works.  One thing that was said is that the engines in these are VERY BAD.  Apparently they seize very easily and are so thin that it can seize, cool down, and then actually work for a couple more days.  If you are looking at getting one for cheap, just pass because if you do manage to get it to work it will cost you a lot more than it is worth. 

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  1. I have a brut 432 need a exhaust manfold anyone help.

  2. I am the proud purchaser of a 1988 432 Wet Jet but after reading this sight I think I will change my mind.
    Problem I have is inconsistant or no spark.
    Because of this, the engine turn over but will not fire.
    Compression seems OK but don’t know where to begin on spark problem.
    Any suggtions, wiring diagrams, or parts locations would be appreciated.

  3. Need a cdi box for a wet jet duo 200,

  4. hello i have one running 1991 wet jet and one not running looking to part out or sell. email me if interested.

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