Quick Life Update

I haven’t really had that much time lately to write any messages down.  I’m currently working for Fulcrum Solutions Group doing some software development.  Been at Fulcrum for a little over a month now so I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention on that.

Besides that, I’ve been working with Kristin on helping her get a job.  I’m happy to say that she has a job now working at a charter school down in Cincinnati.  I cannot remember right now what the name of the school is, but it seems like it will really help the community by the training and goals that is being put into it.  I’m also working on installing Linux on an old Pentium 2 450 for Kristin that she can take into her classroom for students to learn.

Personal project wise, I have a few projects going.  I’m still working on the Lattice Multiplication program (which I should speed up on now since Kristin might need to use it).  I’m also starting to design some home automation software for our server to run.  Seen a lot of good open source software out there, but nothing that completely meets my needs.  I’m planning on using some of the open source software to help me come up with a good design and figure out ways of communicating with the devices.  Right now the primary goal is to set it up for security using network cameras that we have.  I am also planning on re-installing Gentoo Linux on my laptop, documenting the process a little more this time.

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