Bad Bios Update

Well, I updated the bios from A05 to A07 on my Inspiron 6000 with some really bad results.  X has decided it’s not happy at all with the new bios.  I have even tried to use the experimental (dev) version of x along with the kernel 2.6.12 with no luck in it working yet.  This is just a warning to those.  I’m going to spend a few more hours trying to get it to work.  I might just downgrade the bios back to A05 since I wasn’t having any problems with that version.

  1. Mr. Mechano

    I’ve tried A06, A07, A08, same results. X give a blank screen. I’ve tried calculate different Modeline for X but nothing (I have WSXGA+ 1680×1050 panel).
    Since Dell has no longer A05 bios into his website it’s possible to revert to previous BIOS pressing ALT+f into the BIOS setup utility and after ESC and save changes. If you’ve lost it email me I’ve a copy.

    I hope next XOrg 6.8.3 will resolve this issue.

    Mr. Mechano

  2. I didn’t even know that version A08 was out yet. I have the same monitor as you do also. I think I heard someone had it working, but it turned out they were just using a different video card. Have you tried to get the development branch of Xorg working with A08?

  3. Hello!

    I’m french so my english is bad sorry :/

    I have the inspiron 6000 and I’m starting in the linux world…
    I can’t start Mandriva 2005LE because I have the i915GM chipset and Xorg 6.8.2 didn’t support this chipset

    So I found a website here:

    But I haven’t got the time to test 🙁

    I hope that will help you!

  4. Mr. Mechano

    No I didn’t try development branch of XOrg. I preferred to revert to A05 bios.
    I’ve called the Dell’s technical service and they gave me the right infos for BIOS reverting if you upgrade and have problem.

    Enter into the BIOS.
    Turn on all the key leds (Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Num Lock)
    Press the following key sequence: ALT+E, ALT+F, ALT+B.

    The BIOS NVRAM is deleted and loaded the ROM stored BIOS that is the one provided with the laptop before the user upgrade.

    The BIOSes greater than A05 have an upgrade for i915 and X300 bios. Maybe this update create problem in XOrg. I’ve the i915 so I don’t know about BIOS update for people with the ATI X300.

    Mr. Mechano

  5. I tried what Mr. Mechano said to do to revert to the older bios using the key leds and sequence, but I had no luck reverting to an older bios. After hitting ALT+F the computer just wanted to let out loud beeps. I was at bios revision A08.

  6. I am trying to downgrade my bios from a07 to a05 for other reasons. got excited when i read this but nothing but loud beeps on the alt+f key as well. was worth a try though.

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