“The Island” Review

Kristin and I were able to get tickets to see "The Island" tonight from Q102.  The movie was just OK.  I would not actually recommend anyone to spend big bucks to go see it.  Definitely a movie to wait to see at the cheapies (which will be there quickly).  There were a lot of free tickets given away at the premiere, but the theatre was only about half full.

The action scenes were very long and drawn out.  Both Kristin and I got bored during the action scenes.  Even some of the action scenes were just unbelievable, for example falling from a building 70 stories up and not dying because they landed in a net at the bottom.  There was a love scene thrown in there which felt more forced than anything.

The last thing that made this movie a little worse was the product branding in the movie.  You could tell that they took specific shots so that the products would be the main focus of the screen with the actors as secondary.  Some of these, for example, were Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft MSN, and a bottled water company.  Branding is just getting worse with movies focusing on the branding some times more than the actor.  This is true at times in this movie. 

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