I got a free Ipod???

About 9 months ago I seen the FreeIpods.com and decided that I really wanted a free ipod, so I signed up for a credit card (that even happens to be my best rates at the moment still).  Then in December I managed to get 2 Ipods (15Gig and 20Gig Gen 3) for under $150 total.  After that point, I kind of forgot about the free ipods deal.

Now, fast forward to last week when I was really bored and remembered about the deal.  I went to check my account, and wouldn’t you know it, I had fulfilled all the requirements (getting 5 friends to sign up also).  Still pretty skeptical about it, I clicked through shipping stuff.  Apparently, I am getting a free ipod.  I have the DHL tracking number (http://track.dhl-usa.com/TrackByNbr.asp?ShipmentNumber=34669769772) and it should be here on Thursday!!! 

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