One Up and One Down

Well, there is good news and then there is also some bad news.  I’ll start with the good news.  The last part I needed for the Sea Doo came into today so I was able to install it.  The Sea Doo is pretty much completely back together with the exception of one hose from the oil tank that I’m not sure where it goes yet.  Farno will be over with his ’89 tomorrow so that I can identify where it goes.  So I did manage to get the Sea Doo to start up twice.  Each time was only for about 5 seconds before I pulled the kill switch because I did not have water hooked up that the time.  By the time I had water hooked up, it did not want to start up again and the battery was dead.

Now for the bad news.  Over the weekend I took the Wetjet up to Caesar’s Creek and it was running pretty good.  While Kristin and I were on it, the engine lost all power and would only run at idle no matter how much gas was given to it.  There is also a new sound coming from the back cylinder.  The engine also feels like it isn’t firing right now either.  I have a bad feeling the engine is about to seize up.  I have been checking the last couple days for places that worked on this kind of jet ski, but I have came up empty handed.  I’m going to try to work on it a bit later to see if anything helps.  If not, it will turn into a large project that will have to be taken care of probably over the winter.

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