Wetjet Running

Well, the first summer project is complete. After installing the new spark plugs into the wetjet, we were able to get it to run. At first it would only run on the starter fluid until the gas finally made it to the carborator. After that it was running on its own. I had to tune the carborator a bit, but it seems to be running just like it used to. All that it required was tearing the front part of the engine off, tighting all the screws, hoses, and wires, and putting it back together. Before I started, I did find a very helpful book which had the only information on the wetjet. It was "Personal water vehicle service manual : Fazer, Wetbike, Scat Hovercraft, Funjet Boats, Wetjet, Surf-jet, Jet Ski, Yamaha." The best part, the Cincinnati Library had it so I was able to check it out. All that is left is to get the title and registration from my uncle, and get it registered for this year.

For the Sea Doo, I still have a lot of work ahead of me to get that one working. Today started tearing it apart and cleaning it out. A lot of the hoses were bad and need replacing. There has been water / oil / gas / leaves in the bottom of the jet ski for a while that has created a sledge. I spent half the day using every known degreaser and cleaner scrubbing the engine and inside the hull. It actually looks so much better now that even my Dad says he’s not too worried about it now. I also drained the oil tank. I’m planning on removing the oil injection system since I’ve been reading everywhere that the oil injection system of the 90’s tend to go out, and within 5 minutes of the inject system going out, the engine siezes up. Since I already have to do pre-mix with the Wetjet, I’d just prefer to run on a pre-mix with the Sea Doo just to be on the safe side. Tomorrow I’m planning on replacing the hoses and convert it over to a pre-mix system. Hopefully Wednesday I will be able to put it all back together and attempt to start it.

  1. hi,
    i just read your article. i see you have a wetjet pwc. i just bought one to, here in holland. only i had the bad luck of breaking my impeller. i’ve been searching all over europe but can’t find one for it. it has a 432cc engine. perhaps you know where to find parts for a wetjet in america, because in europe they don’t even know the brand.

    kind regards,

    sjoerd from holland, amsterdam.

  2. The response is pretty much the same in the states. If you actually do find a person that has heard of them, they do not know how to get parts or work on them. I have found parts are usually on Ebay and sometimes you can find a person in the forums at Jet Ski News that has parts to sell. Best of luck though.

  3. Wow this is a weird breed of Jetski. How come it did not ‘take-off’ with the tri hull and the low profile?
    How did it perform on various water conditions?

  4. Hi there, I just picked up a wet jet 432 for free without an engine. Besides ebay, can you suggest any sites to find parts? Or is there a different engine that can be installed without a major headache? If you have any info I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks, Neil
    brownmecha@insightbb.com please respond by email

  5. Even on eBay it’s pretty hard to find the right parts for the engines. The engines on these were made very cheap and not to last. Most people experienced a blown engine within 3 years (from the people I’ve talked to and people who’ve worked on them). I searched for a good 1 1/2 – 2 years for engine parts before I gave up. The just quit making them too long ago and all the parts that were left have pretty much been used up. I had talked to a jet ski mechanic about putting a different engine in. His comments were that anything is possible for the most part, but almost everything except the gas tank would need to be changed out and would end up costing more than just buying a used jetski that does still have parts being made. Good luck if you want to continue trying to fix it up, but you will be spending a lot of money on something that will continue to break down a lot.

  6. Hi, I have a 94′ Wet Jet Jet Ski. I also broke the impeller. It’s hard to find someone to work on them and know what they are doing. I have a stainless steel(which means it won’t break) Impeller that doesn’t fit my ski. If anyone could use I’ll sell for $200.00 Thanks.

  7. i had one 2 and the inpeller broke imagen that and no its junk

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