New Jet Ski

Ok, it isn’t brand new. I just bought a 1990 Sea Doo Bombardier. It also came with a trailer and I got it for $695. Engine runs and everything looks fine … except for the paint job. The last owner air brushed it a horrible purple/pink puzzle looking thing. That’s probably the reason that I got it for so cheap. Todo: repaint the jet ski. I’ll post pictures once I pick it up (which will be Sunday).

On the wetjet front, I’ve been working on it and I think I fixed the problem. Found a lose wire in the engine so I have it almost all the way back together and will be testing it tomorrow. Guess I should also install the trailer tail light adapter too for my car.

UPDATE: Added some pictures from the online auction.

  1. I really like your whole site but do you know were they get rid of jet ski’s for free or cheap prices because I use to have one but it had no engine but I was younger and I didn’t know how to fix them up but now I do and I really want one.

  2. Sorry, not sure of a place that does that. Maybe a junk yard. I tend to see lots of jet ski’s on eBay with a blown engine that run a little cheaper. You might even catch some on depending on how much your area uses that site.

  3. tyler mckerchie

    stopppp!!!!keep the paint job..I will buy it off you this weeken for 500$ in cash!

  4. Sorry, the jet ski was sold last year.

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