An end to school

Well, Justin just left about an hour ago for what would be our last project at the College of Engineering. In less than 6 hours we will be at our graduation. We were both discussing it as we left, and it does not feel like tomorrow is the last day. Feels more like we still have a ton of school work that needs to be done. This has been one hectic senior year with many many many sleepless nights. So long to the College of Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.

I plan to add stuff in the school section still, some interesting projects that I worked on before this blog came around and some things that I just didn’t have time to add. There are some programs that I wrote to help me understand Computer Algorithms better that I plan to put on here to share with others that need help.

Who says this is my last time at school anyways? There’s always the MBA that I plan to start in the next few years after Kristin gets started on hers. That will be the time when teh School section will become current again.

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