Wetjet Jet Ski

Since I’m going to be graduating in less than a week, I’ve decided one of my first projects is to work on my old jet ski. It’s a Wetjet 432 that was made back in 1988. It’s definitely not like the new ones, but everyone who has rode on this over the years loves it.

Two summers ago, I was on the lake with Kristin when it just shut off. The engine still turns over, but we are getting no juice to the spark plugs. We spent a couple days trying to find the problem back then, but never found the problem. Last summer I was working and going to school full time so I never got a chance to work on it. I’m hoping to start working on it next Monday or Tuesday. I have already ordered a new hitch for my car since I sold the Probe last year, which was what I used to tow the jet ski around. For those that know, it’s a Class I that’s made by Hidden Hitch.

1988 Wetjet 432 My Dad on the Wetjet

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  1. matt lehner

    Good looking wet jet.i live up in suttons bay michjgan and just bought two wet jets and a two place wet jet brand trailer at a garage sale down the road a couple of weeks ago.but they dont look condition wise nearly as mint as yors and you have a diffrent paint job that i like more. but anyway i was just wondering if you had any idea where i could find parts for the old beasts i am really looking for two windshields and two keys/safty shut offs e-mail me if you have any questions.like when you are working on the spark issue because i am a vetrin mechanic of every thing from the smallest r/c car/plane engines all the way up to and through snomobiles,car,trucks,commercial golf course equipment,all out door power equipment/chian saws lawn mowers/small engines are where most of my expert lies.and always like to help out another jet head with their tech. problems.

  2. I have nothing left of mine anymore. My best bet is on ebay, but there have been other places mentioned in one of my later posts about the wetjet 432.

  3. if anybody has anything (wiring diagrams Ect.) to do with the jetski pictured above mail me please @ killerdavid88@yahoo.com

  4. i have a chance to buy two wet jets but i never heard of them i can get them for 1500 with trailor both run but one runs poorly just wondering were you get parts for them if its to hard i think i will pass on them they are 1992 i think

  5. My soon to be Father in Law bought one recently – how are you making out finding parts his plexglass screen is broken I’m trying to find him one – I’m also sure he’s going to need other parts

    feel free to e-mail me I’m curious how things are working out

  6. i have a wetjet 432 too and mine keeps bogging out. i have fixed the exhaust leak. but it still wants too can you tell wants wrong.

  7. I see many people are having trouble finding parts for their WetJets? I have a chance to buy an older one from a friend, I think its a 1988, and all it needs is an exhaust manifold, and he only wants $200, so I want to get it, but, is there anywhere to still get parts? Does anyone know where at all? If so , please post, or e-mail me at frightnights@cox.net … thanks

  8. I had an 89 Wet Jet with the 432 Brutt back in the day. Ihad the same issues with no spark, it is the CDI box, you can put it in youself with ease. GOod to see your still keeping your classic going. I wish I had kept mine!

    GOod luck,

  9. so,chip would it be possible that i migh need a new manifold.

  10. chip, your email is wrong, cant go there.

  11. dan, mine is a 89 wet jet 432 brutt, i bought it in medicine hat,alberta. chould it be yours? heres mine email jbedry@canopycanada.net

  12. I bought a 88 wet jet with a blown motor and found anther brut motor on cragslist got the ski running by jumping the key by sticking a magnet to it. Any help on finding a key or is it similar to any other key. Please email rtfactory@yahoo

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