Graduation Coming Soon

Graduation is coming up soon on June 10th. I still have a lot of projects to complete before then end of the year though. Of course I have the senior design project which I’m working very hard on getting complete, but I also have an Advanced Computer Programming project in java which is very interesting but demanding a lot of time on it’s own. The other project that I have is on for Computer Graphics which involves a dolphin/shark and a bouncy ball that it will play with. Pretty much as the professor puts it, changing the code of a very popular screen saver “Atlantis”.

On the job front, I still have not found a full time job for when I get out of school. I was hoping to hear from my first choice company, SARK, yesterday, but I have not heard a thing. I think at this point I am going to wait until I graduate to start the job hunting again. I really do not have time to go do interviews anymore as my days are pretty filled up with school. Still hoping I get the SARK job though because I was told I would hear something either way, and I have not heard anything.

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