Eclipse IDE Platform

The more and more that I’m using the Eclipse IDE Platform, the more impressed I am with it. I originally started using it just so that Justin and I were on the same level for the php part of our senior design project. That is the nice thing about eclipse, it allows for plugins for additional features. There is even a plugin for PHP that is really nice to use. I haven’t set up the integration of apache and mysql with the local system yet, but it is on my todo list. I also installed the C/C++ plugin which I just finished using for one of my projects for a class. It worked wonderfully for that also. On top of all these great features so far, it has to be the easiest system to use for CVS. A lot of people have problems with CVS, and the GUI’s available are somewhat complicated. The integration of CVS into Eclipse made it very very easy to use even for people with experience with CVS. If you are looking for an IDE to use (no matter what platform you are on since Eclipse is written in java), I would definitely recommend you try this IDE and play around with it. It is a little intimidating at first, but the learning curve is good.

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