Apartment Runaround

So we are still trying to get everything straightened out at the new place that we want to get an apartment at. We have been running into problems left and right with this place. My respect for the management is very low, but the place is in our price range and in an awesome location so we can’t just go to another one, especially with having a short amount of time left in our current apartment. Well, they decided that in addition to all the paystubs and such, they needed to contact our employers to verify. Of course Kristin’s school is out for the break so they couldn’t verify her. We now have to get my Dad to co-sign for us (cause my Mom would be in the same boat as Kristin) because I only work part time. So much fun stuff. We are packing up our apartment still though and we will probably cut the cable and internet tomorrow. Talk about internet withdrawl for a week. Uggg.

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