iPod Finally

So I’ve been trying to get a free iPod forever, and finally I still don’t have a free one. What is nice is that I do have an iPod now and for really cheap. Ended up walking into BestBuy with Kristin just to look around, and there was a table of open items on sale right next to the door. I had to take a couple double-takes because sitting on the table there were three iPods that they had just set out (not more than 2 seconds). There were for amazing prices of $59.99, $99.99, and $113. I managed to grab the $59.99 and $113, but someone grabbed the $99.99 when I was inches away from it. Amazing deal. I come home and find out that the $59.99 was a 15G and the $113 was a 20G. So far I’ve been playing with them and there is not a single thing wrong with them. I have a feeling they were returned to upgrade to the next highest level (which you could do on the extended warranty plan). I was going to sell the $59.99 on Ebay to cover the costs of both of them (which would have been easy to do), but Kristin realized what they were and so she wanted the 15G. Apparently, Best Buy is setting more stuff out like this, so if you have a chance, stop by best buy for the next week or two and look for a table set up of open item stuff next to the door. My mom had went in the store about 30 minutes after we left and said they had a video camera that was usually $599 on sale for $250 that was only opened. The best part about all this, we got the full Best Buy warranty.

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