What sites to work on

Well, I am on break now which means I have time to work on a new website. I’m not too sure which one that I want to work on though. I want it to be a quick and easy site though since I have very little time before school starts again and I’m also working at Domain-It during the break. I have all those free .info sites that I want to do stuff with, so it will probably be one of them or the Euchre Site domain I have.

I could also work on my Club Greek website but that really needs a full overhaul and I want to use an open source backend which I don’t feel is completely mature enough for me to hack apart to my liking. I think this would be something that takes a little too long though.

I think in the end I will do something with one of the following sites:
euchresite.com, aimgoodies.info, beergames.info, beerguide.info, beerme.info, beeronline.info, drunkengames.info, drunktimes.info, iamdrunk.info, or finish working on onlinefreestuff.info.

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