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“The Island” Review

Kristin and I were able to get tickets to see "The Island" tonight from Q102.  The movie was just OK.  I would not actually recommend anyone to spend big bucks to go see it.  Definitely a movie to wait to see at the cheapies (which will be there quickly).  There were a lot of free tickets given away at the premiere, but the theatre was only about half full.

The action scenes were very long and drawn out.  Both Kristin and I got bored during the action scenes.  Even some of the action scenes were just unbelievable, for example falling from a building 70 stories up and not dying because they landed in a net at the bottom.  There was a love scene thrown in there which felt more forced than anything.

The last thing that made this movie a little worse was the product branding in the movie.  You could tell that they took specific shots so that the products would be the main focus of the screen with the actors as secondary.  Some of these, for example, were Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft MSN, and a bottled water company.  Branding is just getting worse with movies focusing on the branding some times more than the actor.  This is true at times in this movie. 

One Up and One Down

Well, there is good news and then there is also some bad news.  I’ll start with the good news.  The last part I needed for the Sea Doo came into today so I was able to install it.  The Sea Doo is pretty much completely back together with the exception of one hose from the oil tank that I’m not sure where it goes yet.  Farno will be over with his ’89 tomorrow so that I can identify where it goes.  So I did manage to get the Sea Doo to start up twice.  Each time was only for about 5 seconds before I pulled the kill switch because I did not have water hooked up that the time.  By the time I had water hooked up, it did not want to start up again and the battery was dead.

Now for the bad news.  Over the weekend I took the Wetjet up to Caesar’s Creek and it was running pretty good.  While Kristin and I were on it, the engine lost all power and would only run at idle no matter how much gas was given to it.  There is also a new sound coming from the back cylinder.  The engine also feels like it isn’t firing right now either.  I have a bad feeling the engine is about to seize up.  I have been checking the last couple days for places that worked on this kind of jet ski, but I have came up empty handed.  I’m going to try to work on it a bit later to see if anything helps.  If not, it will turn into a large project that will have to be taken care of probably over the winter.

War of the Worlds [2005] Dissappointment

I went to see the "War of the Worlds [2005]" movie and was pretty disappointed in what I seen.  I would not recommend people to see this movie in the regular cinemas and wait until it goes to the cheaper cinemas.  The movie really dragged in a lot of places and the ending was a major dissappointment.  I am not going to ruin the ending, but it came very quick and made a lot of the movie feel pointless.  There was a large build up and then nothing but a bad explaination.  To me it felt like they were going along making the movie and realized it was going to long and came up with a quick ending to wrap it up.  I would give this movie at the most 2 / 5 stars.

The other thing that I noticed is the price to see a movie.  The prices at the movie theater are to the point of being completely rediculous.  We went to a matinee and it cost us $8.25  per ticket, while if we went at night it would cost $10.50 per ticket.   The movie industry is saying they are losing money and that the revenue this year is not what it used to be.  I think they should talk to an economist.  Movies are not primary goods.  Once the price reaches a high enough point, people will start moving to alternative forms of entertainment.  For the price of just seeing a movie, you can get 1 – 2 DVD’s which in my opinion at this point would be a better bargain.  If the movie studios want to increase profits, they need to lower the prices.  I don’t think they are meeting the equilibrium of supply and demand which would bring the most profits.  That’s probably why DVD’s are having record sales.

Wetjet Running

Well, the first summer project is complete. After installing the new spark plugs into the wetjet, we were able to get it to run. At first it would only run on the starter fluid until the gas finally made it to the carborator. After that it was running on its own. I had to tune the carborator a bit, but it seems to be running just like it used to. All that it required was tearing the front part of the engine off, tighting all the screws, hoses, and wires, and putting it back together. Before I started, I did find a very helpful book which had the only information on the wetjet. It was "Personal water vehicle service manual : Fazer, Wetbike, Scat Hovercraft, Funjet Boats, Wetjet, Surf-jet, Jet Ski, Yamaha." The best part, the Cincinnati Library had it so I was able to check it out. All that is left is to get the title and registration from my uncle, and get it registered for this year.

For the Sea Doo, I still have a lot of work ahead of me to get that one working. Today started tearing it apart and cleaning it out. A lot of the hoses were bad and need replacing. There has been water / oil / gas / leaves in the bottom of the jet ski for a while that has created a sledge. I spent half the day using every known degreaser and cleaner scrubbing the engine and inside the hull. It actually looks so much better now that even my Dad says he’s not too worried about it now. I also drained the oil tank. I’m planning on removing the oil injection system since I’ve been reading everywhere that the oil injection system of the 90’s tend to go out, and within 5 minutes of the inject system going out, the engine siezes up. Since I already have to do pre-mix with the Wetjet, I’d just prefer to run on a pre-mix with the Sea Doo just to be on the safe side. Tomorrow I’m planning on replacing the hoses and convert it over to a pre-mix system. Hopefully Wednesday I will be able to put it all back together and attempt to start it.

New Jet Ski

Ok, it isn’t brand new. I just bought a 1990 Sea Doo Bombardier. It also came with a trailer and I got it for $695. Engine runs and everything looks fine … except for the paint job. The last owner air brushed it a horrible purple/pink puzzle looking thing. That’s probably the reason that I got it for so cheap. Todo: repaint the jet ski. I’ll post pictures once I pick it up (which will be Sunday).

On the wetjet front, I’ve been working on it and I think I fixed the problem. Found a lose wire in the engine so I have it almost all the way back together and will be testing it tomorrow. Guess I should also install the trailer tail light adapter too for my car.

UPDATE: Added some pictures from the online auction.

Wetjet Jet Ski

Since I’m going to be graduating in less than a week, I’ve decided one of my first projects is to work on my old jet ski. It’s a Wetjet 432 that was made back in 1988. It’s definitely not like the new ones, but everyone who has rode on this over the years loves it.

Two summers ago, I was on the lake with Kristin when it just shut off. The engine still turns over, but we are getting no juice to the spark plugs. We spent a couple days trying to find the problem back then, but never found the problem. Last summer I was working and going to school full time so I never got a chance to work on it. I’m hoping to start working on it next Monday or Tuesday. I have already ordered a new hitch for my car since I sold the Probe last year, which was what I used to tow the jet ski around. For those that know, it’s a Class I that’s made by Hidden Hitch.

1988 Wetjet 432 My Dad on the Wetjet

Netflix Scam

I’ve currently been subscribed to netflix for about 2 months now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that their “unlimited rental” deal is really a scam. I KNOW they are now using tricks to control how many DVD’s are sent out to a customer.

When I originally signed up with them, it would take one day for me to recieve the DVD after they had sent it (which has not changed up to this point). After watching it, I would send it out in the morning and Netflix would recieve it at the latest by the 2nd day if the the next day. That was at the beginning.

Now we fast forward to two months subscription. When I get the movies, I watch them that day. I then send them back in the next day. It started taking longer and longer for my movies to be received by Netflix as time went on and I had more rentals. It is now at the point where I would receive the movie on Monday, I send it back Tuesday morning before mail is collected, and they will not recieve it (by posting online that they recieve it and send me another one) until the following Monday. At one point, I sent one back Tuesday, one Thursday, and one Friday. They all showed as being recieved by Netflix the same day which was Monday.

From trying this a couple times now, I definitely can tell that there is something not right going on with the company. How can I send 3 movies back 5 days apart and they Netflix center get them all the same day. The only explanation I can come up with is that they are not really posting when they recieve the movies and are holding on to them so that they do not have to send more out. I find this a large problem since they advertise unlimited where in fact they really are LIMITING the DVD’s. I have one more month left before I cancel, so I’m going to record all the dates/times when I send the movies and and then get a new one. Until then, I wouldn’t recommend anyone signing up for them as they are definitely being shady.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Kristin and I have just watched this movie and we would recommend it to everyone. I was a bit unsure of it when I seen the trailers, but it is definitely one of my favorite movies now. It had a very nice flow with no slow spots that have plagued some of the movies I have recently seen. The movie was also very humorous and brought about a lot of laughs. Believe it or not there was even one spot that made Kristin and I both jump. I will definitely get this movie once it comes to DVD.

Need a new video game to play

I need a new video game to play and relax to. Don’t know of any good ones to play. The last one I played was James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing. I really enjoyed that game and am glad that they chose to take it back to the first person perspective instead of the third person. James Bond in my mind has always been first person shooter and I like it that way. There are plenty of third person shooters out there also. I would recommend this game to anyone that has an xbox and likes first person shooters.