Monthly Archives: June 2006

Another SeaDoo Jet Ski

Earlier this month we got another SeaDoo jet ski.  This time around it is a 1994 SPX.  It actually runs when I bought it too, which is always a great thing.  There were some issues with it though.  The venturi on the back had a few rust holes only the side, so I had to buy a new one.  Luckily, I found one on ebay for only $20, so that worked out good.  I also bought new gaskets / seals for the back for when I change it out.  I will be changing it out today.  Like with the ’90, I’m planning on pulling the oil injector off and using premix gas.  I don’t think I’m going to be doing that anytime soon though.  I just want to get it in the water, which I haven’t done yet.  So busy with other things that it’s currently not a priority.  I think we might try to take it out next weekend to East Fork Lake sometime.

With the ’90 SP, it’s still not up and running.  That’s probably due to it still sitting at my parents without being worked on yet.  I have the new starter, so I’m going to be heading over there sometime to work on it again.


1994 SeaDoo SPi  1994 SeaDoo SPi  1994 SeaDoo SPi


1994 SeaDoo SPi  1994 SeaDoo SPi Engine  1994 SeaDoo SPi Engine

Eating Mentos and Drinking Coke

We’ve been talking about the Mentos and Coke experiment.  In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, if you add mentos to coke, you get a big eruption from the bottle.  I’m not going into how it happens right now.  We were always curious what would happen if someone drank the coke and then ate the mentos.  Thanks to YouTube, we have the answer.  Check out the video below to see what happens.

Update 6/27/2006:  Sorry, the video was removed from YouTube.  It was a great video though.  I couldn’t find another video of someone eating mentos and coke together.  I’m just going to put up a video of what happens when you add mentos to a bottle of coke though.

Certified MySQL Developer

Just got the results in from MySQL … I’ve passed both the Certified MySQL Developer Part I and Part II exams.  I took one exam in March and the other in April, but both were beta exams.  That meant that I was not able to get results at the end of the exam.  I’ll put the certified logo up on this post once MySQL releases a certified logo.