Monthly Archives: February 2006

Komodo on Gentoo AMD64

I had ran into a few issues when I tried running Komodo on my desktop machine that is running an AMD64.  The install went just fine, but when I tried to run Komodo it would fail while looking for libraries.  In my particular case it was the  When I did `ldd komodo-bin`, I realized that was not the only library that was missing.  It ended up I needed to install more lib32 compat libraries.  The fix to the issue was to emerge ‘app-emulation/emul-linux-x86-gtklibs’ which fixed all my problems and allowed me to run Komodo.

Here is a list of the emul libraries that I have installed on my system in case other people are having problems:


I’m not saying that you will need all of these.   More than likely you will not need them all.  This is just the list of the ones that I had installed when Komodo is working. 

Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire Preview Spoof

While I was over Justin’s place this weekend, for some reason I remembered an awesome Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Preview Spoof that I had seen on Talk Soup on E!.  The preview was pretty funny and Talk Soup had turned it into a homosexual preview which was pretty funny.  Took me about 20 minutes, but I finally found it.  Decided to upload it to the site so others can see it.

Future Non-Technical House Information

Well, I updated the webpage Kristin and I share about a week or two ago.  Since it is utilizing a blog format like this site, Kristin and I will be updating what is going on with the house on that page now.  If you want to continue to see updates on how the remodeling project is going, then you will need to check out our site, James and Kristin Whitt’s Corner.

Now if the subject matter has to do with technology in the house (home automation, etc), I will still post it on this site, so normal people would not get too confused with technical jargon.