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Wetjet Running

Well, the first summer project is complete. After installing the new spark plugs into the wetjet, we were able to get it to run. At first it would only run on the starter fluid until the gas finally made it to the carborator. After that it was running on its own. I had to tune the carborator a bit, but it seems to be running just like it used to. All that it required was tearing the front part of the engine off, tighting all the screws, hoses, and wires, and putting it back together. Before I started, I did find a very helpful book which had the only information on the wetjet. It was "Personal water vehicle service manual : Fazer, Wetbike, Scat Hovercraft, Funjet Boats, Wetjet, Surf-jet, Jet Ski, Yamaha." The best part, the Cincinnati Library had it so I was able to check it out. All that is left is to get the title and registration from my uncle, and get it registered for this year.

For the Sea Doo, I still have a lot of work ahead of me to get that one working. Today started tearing it apart and cleaning it out. A lot of the hoses were bad and need replacing. There has been water / oil / gas / leaves in the bottom of the jet ski for a while that has created a sledge. I spent half the day using every known degreaser and cleaner scrubbing the engine and inside the hull. It actually looks so much better now that even my Dad says he’s not too worried about it now. I also drained the oil tank. I’m planning on removing the oil injection system since I’ve been reading everywhere that the oil injection system of the 90’s tend to go out, and within 5 minutes of the inject system going out, the engine siezes up. Since I already have to do pre-mix with the Wetjet, I’d just prefer to run on a pre-mix with the Sea Doo just to be on the safe side. Tomorrow I’m planning on replacing the hoses and convert it over to a pre-mix system. Hopefully Wednesday I will be able to put it all back together and attempt to start it.

Lattice Multiplication Program To Come

Since I have more free time since I graduated and I want to develop my java skills, I’ve decided to write a program that demonstrates how to do Lattice Multiplication. The program will allow a user to input two different numbers, and then there will be a step button which takes you through the steps and shows you each step along the way. Once it is completed, I will release the source code under GPL license.

UPDATE: Kristin made a sheet up explaining the steps for people that do not know how to do Lattice Multiplication.

New Jet Ski

Ok, it isn’t brand new. I just bought a 1990 Sea Doo Bombardier. It also came with a trailer and I got it for $695. Engine runs and everything looks fine … except for the paint job. The last owner air brushed it a horrible purple/pink puzzle looking thing. That’s probably the reason that I got it for so cheap. Todo: repaint the jet ski. I’ll post pictures once I pick it up (which will be Sunday).

On the wetjet front, I’ve been working on it and I think I fixed the problem. Found a lose wire in the engine so I have it almost all the way back together and will be testing it tomorrow. Guess I should also install the trailer tail light adapter too for my car.

UPDATE: Added some pictures from the online auction.

Grad Party Today

Alright, grad party today for my friends and family is at Koenig Park. Here is a link to Yahoo maps which should help you in getting there. It is from 2 – 8 and we’ll be grilling out.

An end to school

Well, Justin just left about an hour ago for what would be our last project at the College of Engineering. In less than 6 hours we will be at our graduation. We were both discussing it as we left, and it does not feel like tomorrow is the last day. Feels more like we still have a ton of school work that needs to be done. This has been one hectic senior year with many many many sleepless nights. So long to the College of Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.

I plan to add stuff in the school section still, some interesting projects that I worked on before this blog came around and some things that I just didn’t have time to add. There are some programs that I wrote to help me understand Computer Algorithms better that I plan to put on here to share with others that need help.

Who says this is my last time at school anyways? There’s always the MBA that I plan to start in the next few years after Kristin gets started on hers. That will be the time when teh School section will become current again.

Wetjet Jet Ski

Since I’m going to be graduating in less than a week, I’ve decided one of my first projects is to work on my old jet ski. It’s a Wetjet 432 that was made back in 1988. It’s definitely not like the new ones, but everyone who has rode on this over the years loves it.

Two summers ago, I was on the lake with Kristin when it just shut off. The engine still turns over, but we are getting no juice to the spark plugs. We spent a couple days trying to find the problem back then, but never found the problem. Last summer I was working and going to school full time so I never got a chance to work on it. I’m hoping to start working on it next Monday or Tuesday. I have already ordered a new hitch for my car since I sold the Probe last year, which was what I used to tow the jet ski around. For those that know, it’s a Class I that’s made by Hidden Hitch.

1988 Wetjet 432 My Dad on the Wetjet

Dell 6000, Gentoo Linux, i915, xorg update

I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I’m doing my system, since it has been a while since I published my configuration files and instructions on how to get it up. I really don’t have time to write a new updated instructions (graduating in less than week), but I have uploaded my latest xorg and conf files. Just to note that I am using Xorg version 6.8.2. I know I lot of people are using the cvs version, but I have found on all my computers when I try this that it eats up over 384 megs of RAM so I’ve decided not to go that direction.

I also change the source code of the linux code before I compile it also so that my cdrom uses the SATA drivers. In /usr/src/linux/include/linux/libata.h change:
#undef ATA_ENABLE_ATAPI /* define to enable ATAPI support */
#define ATA_ENABLE_ATAPI /* define to enable ATAPI support */


I had started a thread a long time ago in the forums at Gentoo which now has quite a lot of information in it. I would highly recommend anyone trying to get the Inspiron 6000 working with linux to check it out. I’ve been so busy that I’ve probably missed some updates and new ways of doing things. The forum is here.