Monthly Archives: May 2005

Additional Graduation Party Info

My family is having a graduation party for family and friends on June 12, 2005. The party will be from 2pm – 8pm at Koenig Park in Reading, Ohio. It’s just a drop in party that will have picnic type of food. The party will be for my sister, my cousin, and me.

Graduation Coming Soon

Graduation is coming up soon on June 10th. I still have a lot of projects to complete before then end of the year though. Of course I have the senior design project which I’m working very hard on getting complete, but I also have an Advanced Computer Programming project in java which is very interesting but demanding a lot of time on it’s own. The other project that I have is on for Computer Graphics which involves a dolphin/shark and a bouncy ball that it will play with. Pretty much as the professor puts it, changing the code of a very popular screen saver “Atlantis”.

On the job front, I still have not found a full time job for when I get out of school. I was hoping to hear from my first choice company, SARK, yesterday, but I have not heard a thing. I think at this point I am going to wait until I graduate to start the job hunting again. I really do not have time to go do interviews anymore as my days are pretty filled up with school. Still hoping I get the SARK job though because I was told I would hear something either way, and I have not heard anything.