Monthly Archives: January 2005

Precious DVD Moments Update

We’ve been working on the site a little bit and we’ve finally finished the basic template of the site. It’s already up for everybody to see. We have also created the email address we are planning to use and started a preliminary contacts page. I’ve also added a link to the page now from my site. Kristin is going to be working on the site next coming up with some nice text / descriptions / explanations for the page since I tend to be too technical. If you are interested in what we are doing and might like us to make a video for you too, keep an eye out for the page. We might start accepting orders sometime in February or March. We still have not determined what we will be charging yet.

Long and Loud Night

I’m just writing this until my next class starts in about 20 minutes. Last night was a very long night in which I wasn’t able to sleep very much. About 1 AM we were woke up by a very very loud noise that what felt like was coming right under us. As we live on the second floor, this would have been the apartment below us. After about 20 minutes, I decided to see what it was. When I got out of bed, I could feel the floor vibrating. I put some clothes on and explored the place a little bit until I figured out that the sound was coming from the boiler in the basement!!! I went into the apartment and called the emergeny repair people (which never showed up). About 20 minutes after that, the lady downstairs was ringing our doorbell about it. It ended up that she called the police about it. In the end, the fire department ended up showing up and turning the boiler off. Brrrrrrrrr. I woke up this morning and still nothing had been done about it and our apartment was freezing. Side note, two more days until I have internet again. Woohoo.

Internet Withdrawl

Having some internet withdrawl at this point. I’ve moved into the new apartment already, but now we need to wait until Friday for Time Warner to hook up the cable. So I only have internet when I got to school or work.

That brings up the next subject. When Kristin went to sign up for cable and broadband, she had asked what the cheapest cable option was. They had told her that it was for 76 channels for about $35 bucks a month. She happened then to notice on their brochure that there was some channels (about 10) that were a different color. The response she got was that was also a plan, but was only $10. They should really teach their sale associates that $10 is less than $35 and when someone asks what the cheapest is, their response should be $10.