Monthly Archives: December 2004

New Apartment

We finally have a new apartment to move into. We will be living at the Lake of the Woods for the next year now. We will be signing the lease tomorrow (Wednesday) around 2:30 and will then move in. Hurray for us. I’m pretty much very happy about it because the apartment is in a great location. It’s on Ronald Reagon about 10 minutes from work and school. No more traffic driving to school.

New Job

It’s not really a new job. I still have my old job for now. We had given our parents a very nice picture slideshow on DVD. Both our parents loved it a lot. My Mom ended up thinking we should start making some for other people, so she ended up showing it to some of her friends. We have had requests now so we decided that we will start making the dvd picture dvd’s part time. We have now registered a site that we will be using to sell our videos. It will take a little time to make up the site completely and get started, but it will be well worth it. The site we have picked is Until it is done, if you really want one made soon, you can contact us at our normal email addresses.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Kristin and I have just watched this movie and we would recommend it to everyone. I was a bit unsure of it when I seen the trailers, but it is definitely one of my favorite movies now. It had a very nice flow with no slow spots that have plagued some of the movies I have recently seen. The movie was also very humorous and brought about a lot of laughs. Believe it or not there was even one spot that made Kristin and I both jump. I will definitely get this movie once it comes to DVD.

Need a new video game to play

I need a new video game to play and relax to. Don’t know of any good ones to play. The last one I played was James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing. I really enjoyed that game and am glad that they chose to take it back to the first person perspective instead of the third person. James Bond in my mind has always been first person shooter and I like it that way. There are plenty of third person shooters out there also. I would recommend this game to anyone that has an xbox and likes first person shooters.

Apartment Runaround

So we are still trying to get everything straightened out at the new place that we want to get an apartment at. We have been running into problems left and right with this place. My respect for the management is very low, but the place is in our price range and in an awesome location so we can’t just go to another one, especially with having a short amount of time left in our current apartment. Well, they decided that in addition to all the paystubs and such, they needed to contact our employers to verify. Of course Kristin’s school is out for the break so they couldn’t verify her. We now have to get my Dad to co-sign for us (cause my Mom would be in the same boat as Kristin) because I only work part time. So much fun stuff. We are packing up our apartment still though and we will probably cut the cable and internet tomorrow. Talk about internet withdrawl for a week. Uggg.

Figured out which site to work on

After talking with Mojo last night, I’ve decided which website I am going to work on for the rest of the break. It ends up I’m going to be working on It think I’m going to start it out with the main feature of rating the different beers with a few people able to do reviews on the beer. Of course I’m going to start out with a portal software to save time. It would take too long for a one man job to work on the entire thing from scrath. I will heavily modify the source code to my needs, but I think I’m going to go with CPG-Nuke since I seem to like that software the best so far. I can think of a few more features I would like to have in the future, but for now I’m just going to focus on what I can get done.

iPod Finally

So I’ve been trying to get a free iPod forever, and finally I still don’t have a free one. What is nice is that I do have an iPod now and for really cheap. Ended up walking into BestBuy with Kristin just to look around, and there was a table of open items on sale right next to the door. I had to take a couple double-takes because sitting on the table there were three iPods that they had just set out (not more than 2 seconds). There were for amazing prices of $59.99, $99.99, and $113. I managed to grab the $59.99 and $113, but someone grabbed the $99.99 when I was inches away from it. Amazing deal. I come home and find out that the $59.99 was a 15G and the $113 was a 20G. So far I’ve been playing with them and there is not a single thing wrong with them. I have a feeling they were returned to upgrade to the next highest level (which you could do on the extended warranty plan). I was going to sell the $59.99 on Ebay to cover the costs of both of them (which would have been easy to do), but Kristin realized what they were and so she wanted the 15G. Apparently, Best Buy is setting more stuff out like this, so if you have a chance, stop by best buy for the next week or two and look for a table set up of open item stuff next to the door. My mom had went in the store about 30 minutes after we left and said they had a video camera that was usually $599 on sale for $250 that was only opened. The best part about all this, we got the full Best Buy warranty.

What sites to work on

Well, I am on break now which means I have time to work on a new website. I’m not too sure which one that I want to work on though. I want it to be a quick and easy site though since I have very little time before school starts again and I’m also working at Domain-It during the break. I have all those free .info sites that I want to do stuff with, so it will probably be one of them or the Euchre Site domain I have.

I could also work on my Club Greek website but that really needs a full overhaul and I want to use an open source backend which I don’t feel is completely mature enough for me to hack apart to my liking. I think this would be something that takes a little too long though.

I think in the end I will do something with one of the following sites:,,,,,,,,, or finish working on