Monthly Archives: November 2004

Website and free stuff

So I think almost everybody has now heard about I’m not usually one who pays attention to these kind of deals, but for some reason I had to try. It’s probably the want for an iPod which I know I’d never buy myself. Basically, the whole thing is you sign up for a special offer (I signed up for a credit card) and then you get 5 friends to sign up and complete an offer using me as a reference. I didn’t think it would be too hard, but it turned out it’s taking longer than I have expected. I’ve been doing it for about 2 months now and I only have 4/5 people signed up and have completed an offer.

Now you are probably saying, so what. Well, I noticed that there are other things like this that you can do the same refer a friend thing with. In my tired and crazy state last night, I came up with an idea. Why not have a portal that has information on all these. Well, knowing that Name Secure was still giving away the 25 free .info domain names, I went over there and registered a bunch of domain names that could be used to have information on free stuff on them. I ended up getting around fifteen domain names (and all for free). I then installed a portal software for one of them ( and quickly configured it a bit. I dont’ have time until the end of the quarter to work on it, but during the break I plan to find out some information on these deals and the companies that host them and post the information on that site. Think it might actually turn out pretty good. Most of the sites I’ve seen like this aren’t really that helpful or are really hard to find information on. Of course, that’s one of my many ideas I want to work on over the break.

Another long night

Here I am sitting here at 3:11 AM again with still a lot of school work to do. I’ve spent the entire day up to this point working on it. Only one more week of school left and then finals. This non-stop quarter will finally end then. I just want to mention, that I’m not a fan of CVS at all. Been spending the last while trying to set it up for my senior design project. The next time I have to use versioning software, I’m going to look at some of the alternatives out there, as they cannnot be any worse that CVS.

I hate blog spammers

I should have known that with the ability to send out when the blog is updated, that there would be spammers hiding behind every corner. Seeing that spammers love writing automation tools to automatically post spam in guest books, the comments section would be the next best idea. I woke up to around thirty spam reviews waiting my approval. I hate spam.


Just sitting here trying to concentrate on a paper that I have to right. So much schoolwork to do and not the motivation to do it. Just can’t concentrate on it at all. I’m just wanting this quarter to end so that I can start next quarter and be that much closer to finishing school. I know the next three weeks are going to be even busier for me which is not going to be that great. I already know that I’m going to be spending most of the thanksgiving break doing school work. Back to work I go though.

Crazy time so far

This has been a crazy time so far this quarter. I’m talking about the fall quarter of school this year. It’s just been crazy. I love that I am going to graduate in 2005, but the problem is that some of the classes that I’ve have missed are only offered in the fall. I’m currently taking 17 credit hours of ECECS classes and a 3 credit hour of an ECON class. It’s is really getting to me all the stress and time of all the classes. All of them are upper level so I don’t even have time to eat. This is no joke because Kristin complains that my one meal a day (cause that’s all I have time to spend on eating) is not enough. I don’t know what’s even worse is that I spend more time with my books at the library studying than I do with my own wife. I guess the best way to put it is that I’m getting burnt out rather quick already. I know I need to do all this stuff, but I just haven’t been able to as of late. I just can’t wait until the end of the quarter.